Episode 3 - Netflix Jumping Shark? Colin Saw'r Some Art!


We started out with a plan to talk about sports, instead we went in depth with the direction of Netflix. WHY IS EVERYTHING A SERIES? Is that a good thing? It's a reflection of society, and we'll get into that. 

Tyler asks Colin 'The Impossible Question', which will make you think! What would you be willing to give up to do what you love? (That's not the question, merely a hintski). 

Colin visited an art gallery featuring Takashi Murakami, who designed all of the art for Kanye West's Graduation album. It's really impressive stuff! Just a coupla bahds discussing artski.

Plus, next week we'll have an announcement about how to get your grubby little paws on Ed Sheeran tickets at the SkyDome for a mere $20! 

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Susbscribe on iTunes and each episode will go directly to your earholes every Thursday!

Susbscribe on iTunes and each episode will go directly to your earholes every Thursday!

Episode 16 - Journal For Mental Health

The last podcast sucks. This one is much better. 

I’ve started journaling every night.. they say it’s good for mental health and after trying it out, I would have to agree! There are 4 questions I force myself to answer at the end of each one, and not only does it work the brain muscles but it’s going to make this podcast better, and future me happier! 

I also talk about DDP Yoga (what else is new), the reading challenge I’ve set for myself, and why I want to learn Japanese! Subscribe on iTunes and it’ll pop right into your app as soon as it’s uploaded!

Episode 15 - My Goals for 2018

New pod! If 2017 was the “summer of doing shit”, 2018 is “the year of not doing shit.” I go over the goals I set last year. Spoiler: I crossed most of them off the list! But, it was exhausting and I want to get back in touch with *me*. I have a ton of books to read, video games to play and movies to watch.. oh and I should probably hang out with people too. 

I am also struggling with finding a way to give back. I know I want to do more extensive work with the Canadian Cancer Society, but what else? Would love to hear suggestions or what you do to make the world around you better. 

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year (if you’re in to that sort of thing)!

Episode 14 - A podcast without direction

It's been 2 months since the last podcast? No wonder! It's a podcast without direction. Today I talk about the Raptors 905 new season! Championship banners and championship rings. Maybe a dedicated 905 podcast? Also, Stranger Things season 2 is dope, despite what anybody has said to the contrary. If you’re in the GTA, you need to check out Retro Festive in person, or you’re a Grinch. That’s about it… 21 minutes.. easy peasy! (For up to 35% off Raptors 905 tickets, head over to raptors905.com/ticketpass and enter promo code TYLERRAPS905) 

Episode 13 - Wine, Jazz, Books, Yoga!

I really like the podcast this week. What the hell have I been up to? Wine, jazz, books and yoga. AND YET this could be the most interesting episode I’ve done! I signed up for a wine subscription. I want a record player and bunch of jazz records. Reading is the new going to Jays games, and I’m back on my DDP Yoga flex. The importance comes in what these things can do for mind and body. Become a better version of yourself so tomorrow you will thank today you. I also let you in on my September Goals! 31 minutes.. easy peezy

Episode 12 - Let's Talk w/ Colin Graham!

A while ago, Colin Graham and I sat down to talk…. economics and real estate of all things! What’s the difference between Ontario and British Columbia? How is the big minimum wage hike going to effect small business? It’s an interesting time for 30 somethings in Canada. It was fun to get the two-man band back together. 35 minutes!

Episode 11 - I'm a vegetarian now..?

So… what to talk about now that #SummerSolo reached it’s conclusion? I’ve been a vegetarian for 7 weeks! Which is odd because usually I eat meat every single day. Also, what have I been watching, and what have I been reading? I know.. it’s riveting stuff! Surely my soothing sexual voice will carry through these 29 minutes

Episode 10 - #SummerSolo Project is ending.. but that's a good thing

The #SummerSolo project is ending early.. but it’s for good reason! I have gotten what I needed out of it, and it’s time to combine my old self with my new self and be comfortable being myself. What does that mean for the podcast, for the world, for EVERYTHING? Well let me tell ya somethin, brother…. (Also, what’s the best show on Netflix / my new favourite movie of all time)

Episode 9 - My Cancer Story (Part 3)

The riveting conclusion to the cancer story! It was a tough day. From waiting for over 10 hours, to not knowing if I would get the surgery that day, or 3 days later. All I wanted to do was run away from the hospital, but I couldn’t. Then, that time I had a hematoma the night of my surgery and had the portable ICU unit in my room awaiting a blood transfusion. Recovery was very difficult. The most pain I’ve ever experienced without a doubt. But, I made it through.. and I am a much stronger person for it. I decided to take the positive spin and use my cancer experience to change my life for the better. If anybody has any questions or concerns, please reach out. Don’t pretend it’s nothing like I did.

Episode 8 - My Birthday Week of Exhaustion

Sorry! No part 3 of cancer story today. Instead I tell you all about my birthday week! I didn’t fully intend for it to last a week, and frankly almost wish that it didn’t. Attended my first Toronto Argos game, and was super disappointed with the atmosphere. BUT, I sat in the best Blue Jays seats of all time on Wednesday…. but then barely made it through the Thursday game. Who knew attending so much sports could be so exhausting? Also this Saturday is ED FREAKIN’ SHEERAN! Summer rolls on..

Episode 7 - My Cancer Story (Part 2)

The second part of this story takes us from the first doctor’s appointment to the day of surgery. What’s that process like? Appointments, blood work, ultrasounds, scans.. the works. It is mentally exhausting, and leads to drinking, Seinfeld and Lego. The hardest part was feeling physically fine but knowing something inside you will kill you if you don’t have it removed. Props to Canadian healthcare for how quickly everything was dealt with.. that is a very important part of this story.

Episode 6 - My Cancer Story (Part 1)

I want to share my story to hopefully help men (and women) better understand what it’s like to deal with testicular cancer. From early detection, to diagnosis, to surgery, to recovery and what to expect all the way through. Today is Part 1, and explored my lifetime fear of developing testicular cancer. Is that fucked up? I have heard that the mind can manifest thoughts into reality, and perhaps that’s true. If you’re out there and you’re obsessing over the possibility something is wrong, maybe this will help you.